Infosessie: “Close that deal”

Infosessie: “Close that deal”

How can I close more deals? This is the evergreen question of all professionals and business owners. With the pandemic outburst it became even bigger as many companies got affected. Business is changing. The way we sell should adapt too. Establishing a good connection with the clients is not nice-to-have but a must. Value-based sales are getting more popular. If the features of the products were giving a good selling base for a purchase, in 2021 this won’t be enough.

On top of that most of the people feel uncomfortable when selling their services. They do anything possible to avoid this process and get out of the sales conversation as fast as possible. If you are one of these people, then you should join this free session. Our sales expert Dobrinka Barzachka will give you easy to adapt and put immediately into practice tips and tricks.

  • Do you use structure for your sales calls?
  • What do you sell more – the feature or the solution?
  • When is the right moment to offer your product/service?
  • How can you connect better with the client?
  • What sales soft skills are crucial for closing deals?

Register for the info session now and find the answers of these questions. Dobrinka will not only give you valuable insights but will supply you with additional materials after the event so you won’t forget anything. The session is in English.

Dobrinka’s course “Sales Skills” at WISL is given in English and/or Dutch.

Laat je inspireren en maak gebruik van dit infomoment om alle vragen aan experts te vragen.

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Close That Deal​ Online Session​

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